Day 1 – Live Group Discussion Training

Day 2 – Live Personal Interview Training

Day 3 – Body Language, Business Etiquette & Mock Interviews

Day 4 – The Impactful Resume & LinkedIn 101

Day 5 – Live Training + Bonus

Mock Group Discussions 
Real Time Feedback 
What is a group discussion 
Why is it done? 
Types of Group Discussions 
Understanding Group Dynamics 
Understanding the Moderator 
Basic Rules of a GD
Who can start the GD? 
Who ends the GD? 
How to sit in a Physical GD 
Cracking Online GDs 
Body Language 
How to Start the GD 
How to counter a wrong introduction 
How to participate in a GD 
The Leadership Qualities
What if the discussion turns into a Fish Market 
Enjoying a GD
How to Conclude a GD